Marie's Medical Battle

Marie has always been the one who has looked out for everyone in her Annapolis area community. She has been a rock for not only her family & friends but also for her son's football & lacrosse teams. All of the players, coaches and parents of Broadneck High School, the Cape St. Claire Cougars and Rockfish Lacrosse know if they need anything, they can call on Ms. Marie. Now she needs them...and you!!

On January 17, 2020, Marie, a single mom, went to the emergency room thinking she had the flu. Turns out it was much worse than that. The doctors discovered an intestinal blockage and Marie had to have emergency surgery. The surgeons were unable to remove the mass and rerouted her intestines. A biopsy revealed Stage 4 liver and colon cancer in addition to diagnosing her with diabetes. She remained in the hospital until January 26th.

On January 30th, Marie developed an infection and returned to the hospital. While there she developed blood clots in her lungs and found herself again a prisoner of the hospital.

Within an instant, Marie's happy, fun-filled life was flipped upside down. She found herself unable to work, diabetic, on various medications and facing chemotherapy and radiation treatments numerous times per week.

It has been almost 2 months since Marie's ordeal began. The hospital bills from January & February are starting to arrive and she is faced with the uncertainty how to pay her mortgage, her utilities, her and her son's basic needs, in addition to the medical expenses she is unexpectedly forced to incur.

Any donation you are able to make towards Marie's expenses is truly appreciated. If you are not in a position to make a financial contribution, you can help by preparing a meal (a food train has been set up), Marie may need a ride to a medical appointment, even sending a card to her is more than gracious. More than anything Marie needs your prayers for a speedy recovery.

Thank you for taking the time to read Marie's story and God bless you and your families.
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Robert Created Mar 07, 2020 Annapolis, MD


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