Help to relief a dying soul

I don't how this may work and i may not have better story to convince you but i really need some help. I am over stressed and dying. It's been more than a year, I am being consumed day in day out by this hardship thing.
Everything started back in 2018, when I remember my wife's brother was in need of finacial help. A loan he took from the bank did not end well with him in an investment venture he went into. He got so fraustrated to the extent of being threaten to commit suicide any time my wife will speak with him. Everything was on me now, she kept on pleading and crying to me to help because he is the only brother she have got. Looking at the then circumstance, I promised to help him with some loan amount to relief him of the debt amount of Ghs20K.
Not a little while aying this, I amassed a debt over Ghs80K which could have even ended me into jail. I could hardly think but nothing else except to take my life to relief me of all pain and sorrow. This time , I really thought to myself "everything is really coming back to me" that is what I said to myself. With a whole lots of fraustration and pain I lost control of myself, and being willing to offer what my instinct want from me I tried to take my own life but lived. I wanted to fake my own death with no traces to suicide but natural death. I ingested yellow oleander fruits and seeds of which I thought was deadly after many research on this. I had no memories to live and the only thing I can think of is "end it all".
Some where along the way, I have to sacrificed my job to relief me of this debt and I thought that was a better option for me. I lost my car, my land property and everythin I have gathered in my entired life in the process.
Solidly for 6 months, I became unemployed. Thanks to my wife for being so supportive despite not being employed fully as a Nurse. Less than a month after getting a job in March 11th the country was declared a partial locked down. Confid-19 being the worst has only pay me off with anguish and frustration again. I feel like being punished over and over again. I am being caught up with memories of the past and this "end it all thing". At first I did not have a reason to live but now I do. Deep within me, I know my only reason for being alive is my children. All I need is your help to pay for my rent for now.
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Created Apr 22, 2020 Ghana


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