The outbreak of COVID_19 has with no doubts, taken Africa by surprise. At first we thought that it was a mere hoax, but are now feeling the fire in it. As I write this, the virus has not caused any deaths in Uganda so far, but has warranted a lockdown which has caused people to begin dying of hunger, as many of our citizens have been hand to mouth survivors with apparently no more means of survival.

The government of Uganda seems to have noticed the problem and therefore decided to arrange some food supplies for the citizens. However, the first batch of food was observed to be rotten. It has also become evident that the capacity of the government in it's self to provide relief to it's citizens in such a dire moment, seems to be insufficient and as such the government has called upon the citizens themselves and well wishers to generously donate to the cause of trying to save human life in Uganda.

Although the citizens have positively heeded to the relief call from the government, many of the citizens appear to have exhausted all they could offer to the government in terms of tangible material items. At this point, there has emerged a team of people, both children and the elderly, called "THE COVID_19 FRONTLINE VOLUNTEERS" who have devoted themselves to offer any service that is required to help alleviate the COVID pandemic in Uganda.

It is for these and the general public in the country that I push this fundraising alarm to all the generous hearts that could be out there, to help join in the noble cause of donating so as to sustain the activities of "THE COVID_19 FRONTLINE VOLUNTEERS", as well as save lives in Uganda.

Much humbled and obliged.

May the Almighty God greatly reward and bless you as you donate.
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