It is with utmost humility that I pledge for your help in pooling of funds for aiding my community.We are suffering in abject poverty,just few days ago there was drought which started last year november it was so prolonged that a lot of infants died and even expectant mothers.People died immensley that we couldnt manage burying the dead instead dispose them in the shrubs for packs of wild animals to feed on,to add on our misery COVID 19 came as a shock now we cant even get the government aids anymore.Our misery is getting out of hand just two days ago massive rains swept all our remaining livestock now we have nothing left .Please help us wherever you are reach out to my matter how little,it will be appreciated and BLESSED IS THE THE HAND THAT GIVETH THAN THE ONE THAT RECIEVETH.In our times of need please aid us
  • Melvin

  • Retta

  • Katelynn

  • Clemmie

  • Lou

  • Cedrick

  • Stephan

  • Gregorio

  • Orville

  • Georgiana

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Created Apr 29, 2020 Kenya


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