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Hello! My name is Kate and I'm an English teacher in Uruguay. I have an English language institute and I help kids and adults with low income to learn English. Speaking English is very important for them to have a better job and a better future but unfortunately not everyone can afford it. The prices for English classes are very high. This would be the third year of my institute and the number of students is increasing but it makes it very difficult for me to provide more materials since I left my other job to dedicate 100% of my time to the institute. I asked lots of institutions to collaborate but they rejected only because is a language institute. My students love to learn English ,they study a lot because they know that they can't miss this opportunity. So I kindly ask for yours help, so I can provide for them more materials, to make the institute more comfortable for them, to continue this project that makes people happy and gives them the chance for a better job, for a better future. Sincerely, Kate
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Kate Petro

Created Jan 10, 2022 Carmelo


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